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Here is where you can make your lesson reservations.

Please enter the time slot and the type of lesson you would like to participate in.
We will notify whether your request was accepted or not via email. If we can accommodate you, we will send you a confirmation of the reservation through email, and if the lesson is already full, we will notify you in that case as well.

If you are going to change or cancel your reservation, please reply to the reservation confirmation email 24 hours in advance of the lesson.
We will send you a notice of cancellation when the cancellation has been confirmed.

* Please note that lessons have a capacity limit so we may not be able to accommodate you. This is why we request that you select up to three choices of preferred time slots.
* If you wish to make a reservation, change or cancel a reservation, please contact us 24 hours prior to the lesson slot. We will not be able to accept sudden reservations, changes or cancellations.

Please check the lesson schedule of your preferred branch and enter the time slot of the lesson you wish to participate in.

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