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ITOCHU Corporation Annual Report2017 Questionnaire

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Q1: How do you like ITOCHU's Annual Report 2017?

Easy to Understand
Reason(s) for your choices or any other comments.

Q2: Were you interested in those contents?(Multiple answers allowed) How did you feel?

The Competitive Edge and Management Foundation Supporting Sustainable Increases in Corporate Value (Pages 2-5)
To Our Shareholders, Investors, and All Other Stakeholders(Management Message)(Pages 8-15)
A Business Model for Achieving Sustainable Increases in Corporate Value (Pages 20-25)
Milestones to Be Passed in Increasing Corporate Value (Page 28)
Message from the CSO / CIO (Page 29)
CFO Interview (Pages 30-31)
Business Investment (Pages 34-36)
Special Feature (Pages 38-43)
Message from the CAO (Pages 44-45)
Human Resources Strategy (Pages 46-49)
Sustainability (Pages 50-51)
Corporate Governance (Pages 54-59)
Business Portfolio (Pages 64-93)

Reason(s) for your choices or any other comments.

Q3: Other opinions, impressions or suggestions regarding ITOCHU's Annual Report if you have any.

Q4: Please tell us about you.

In what form did you read the report?
Have you read ITOCHU's Annual Report before?
Are you holding ITOCHU Corporation stock
You are a(an)
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